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Frequently Asked Questions 

* How soon would I be able to see a doctor and receive medication?

     -Our doctors are available from Monday through Saturday. After your assessment with the therapist, if needed, you may be referred to one of our prescriber as soon as possible.


*Why do I need to keep consistent appointments with my therapist and doctor?

     -Therapy and medication management go hand in hand when in comes to successful care. This is Renew's policy to better help our clients.

*How come I can't see my therapist and doctor on the same day?

     -Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover both services [therapy & psychiatric visits] on the same day.

*Why do I have a bill if I have insurance?

     -Although you have insurance, some insurance companies cover a portion of your bill and it is your responsibility to pay for your co-pays. Every member should have received a letter from their insurance company regarding all co-pays and deductibles they need to meet in order for the insurance to cover services.


*Why am I not being seen at/on my scheduled time with the doctor?

     -Every case is handled differently. Although some appointments may be longer than others, our doctors try their best to keep them in a timely manner. We do apologize in advance for the wait time.

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