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About Renew

Renew Counseling Services was founded in 1985 by Patricia Croatt.  She dedicated her life to help and service the people of Milwaukee.  She wanted to create a safe place for people of all backgrounds to receive care and be apart of a community.  Patricia was able to establish not just a company but a family that she was dedicated to everyday.  As Renew Counseling Services was able to grow, Patricia was able to reach her goal of helping and contributing to the community. 


Renew Counseling is able to provide mental health, AODA treatment, and psychiatric evaluations to any and all clients looking for services.  With the help of our caring and hard working staff we are able to help you set up and maintain the correct treatment for you.  Even though Patricia Croatt is no longer with us her mission is still our number one priority.        


Wayne Croatt, CEO


The current President/CEO and son of Patricia Croatt strives for quality care.  After taking over the family business he makes a point to advocate for every single person seeking help from Renew.  He works hard for the clients and staff to provide a safe and helpful environment.  Wayne Croatt is a great teacher, problem solver and idea generator which aids to the growth and treatment that happens everyday.    

Sheena Melotik, VP


With the help of her Father, Sheena the Vice President of Renew maintains the vision that started this company.  She tries to bring creative and new ideas to better help service the community and the company.  With her mental health and business background  she is able to use her education to insure that the business can go above and beyond for its clients. 

Desiree DelValle


As Administrative Assistant, Desiree is a valuable asset to Renew.  She makes sure the staff is always doing their best and helps out whenever necessary.  Her number one goal is to make sure patients can say that Renew has played an important role in influencing their lives.  She is compassionate, and understanding with a positive outlook on life.   

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